Rocky Mountain Chautauqua Assembly

a revival of the annual summer cultural gatherings



2009 Opening Ceremonies

Our Grand Opening ceremonies commenced at 7 PM in the Village Green on Friday the 7th of August. "Teddy Roosevelt" arrived via a classic Model T chauffered by Jim Slightfoot to deliver the proclamation opening our 2009 "Return of the Rocky Mountain Chautauqua Assembly." Immediately following, in the adjacent Palmer Lake Town Hall, a 13-act Vaudeville of the era commenced.

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VAUDEVILLE Ladies and gentlemen, step right this way, the show is about to begin! These time honored words call to mind the memories of an almost forgotten form of entertainment, the Vaudeville Show. Vaudeville was the major form of entertainment in North America from 1875 until 1932 and now it's a word that most young people have never heard of or know very little about. Vaudeville was the Ed Sullivan Show of the 1900s - performed live, night after night for the admission price of a mere quarter. Nowhere else could the public see such acts as "Williard the Man Who Grows" who had the ability to add 7 inches to his height every show, "Dave Monehan" who played the xylophone with his feet or "Orville Stan" who sang while his piano was placed on his chest. A standing-room-only crowd turned out for a night of Vaudeville, August 7th at the Palmer Lake Town Hall presented by the Chautauqua Assembly 2009.The show began immediately following the Opening Ceremonies on the Village Green. The evening of entertainment featured 13 fabulous acts, including minstrels, illusionists, trick ropers and much more, all for the 1900s price of 25 cents. After the first 5 acts there was an intermission with refreshments. Don't miss this lively night of entertainment and remember............spittoons not available. Organized and MC'ed by Mary Meyer.

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Vintage Baseball

Tri-Lakes Swans vs. Colorado Territorial All-Stars Lakeside – Palmer Lake, Colorado August 8, 2009 Sponsored by the PALMER LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY “History should be more than a memory” and the COLORADO VINTAGE BASE BALL ASSOCIATION Preserving the Heritage of 19th Century Base Ball in Colorado “Base Ball… The Way it Was Meant to be Played”

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Church Service

Join us for an old-time church service at 10:00 Sunday, August 9th at Pinecrest. In the spirit of the Chautauqua, Reverend John Snyder will preach the sermon: “Fanny Crosby’s Amazing Vision.” Gospel music of the period will be provided with a Bluegrass flavor by the High Prairie group.

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Chautauqua 2009

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Cowboy Dan

Cowboy Dan at the Palmer Lake Town Hall

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